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Policemedianews.com examines how citizen journalism affects perceptions of legitimacy among local residents and police officers. Policemedianews.com analyise Qualitative data & news were collected through well-structured editorial team as well as in-depth interviews with police officers & all concerned.

Policemedianews.com explain all aspects regarding encounter and day to day functioning of police. Citizens have recorded the police in the past when they witnessed officers not following proper procedures. The police view citizens recording them as a form of defiance and while this makes policing challenging, police officers interviewed still hold high levels of self-legitimacy, most likely due to their organizational and occupational culture.

Policemedianews.com recording the police has increased with recent technological advances, little empirical research has examined its impact on policing and police-community relations. Policemedianews.com will not only fill gap in knowledge on citizens recording the police, but it also furnishes valuable implications for policy and future study.

Policemedianews.com enthusiastic & Experienced team's collective voice will create positive and creative respect for honest policemans & his family as well as well wishers. You can share your ideas and submissions at policemedianews.com